It’s unbelievable but true: things actually still happen on the German start-up scene that (almost) nobody hears about, even when they are plastered in bold on a company’s website. This is exactly the case with Scalarium ( cloud management software, from the Berlin-based company peritor. The young start-up, which was created by Jonathan Weiss, has just been taken over by Amazon Web Services. A small Berlin start-up is actually being taken over by Amazon and nobody’s reporting it! Even Amazon is keeping quiet – on the whole – for at the end of February, it simply reported the launch of AWS OpsWorks.


Under the heading “Amazon adds AWS Opsworks, a Chef framework solution to application management, to its cloud hosting service EC2,”, for example, reports about OpsWorks. Hours after the article had gone online, the author then added the note: “AWS Opsworks is based on Scalarium, a product developed by Berlin-based company Peritor that was taken over by Amazon in 2012. Scalarium itself will cease to operate from 31st August 2013. New sign ups for Scalarium are not possible.” With that, the cat is out of the bag: the giant that is Amazon has taken over a small German start-up. This is most definitely worth more than a small footnote (which is why this article is delayed). reported about Scalarium for the first time at the beginning of 2010. At the time we wrote that Thomas Metschke and his team are aiming to “make a smart cloud from the idiotic” with their cloud management software. Scalarium is comprised of four components: auto configuration, auto healing, auto scaling, and one click deploy. With one click deploy, it is possible, for example, to deploy changes in the source code directly to the cluster. “In other words, with one click I can deploy all configurations and adaptations to all of my servers, and the computers take the current version of the source code and re-configure themselves accordingly,” says Metschke. And so, for example, it would be possible to clone the infrastructure for the testing of a new revision, and then install and test it there. Along the same lines, here are two more old presentations from the creators of Scalarium Metschke (see above) and Weiss (see below).

The Scalarium website says the following on the subject of the takeover: “Why did AWS acquire Peritor? AWS recognized that Scalarium has strong capabilities that are broadly useful to many AWS customers. We are committed to making OpsWorks a great application management solution”. The future sounds good for the Scalarium team and now they have earned a little more attention, for it is not often that Amazon takes over a German start-up – which is a positive sign for the German start-up scene.