Once again, everyone is talking about the sharing economy. In the last few days, CeBIT has been going on and on about the popular topic using the catchword Shareconomy. Start-up Friendsurance (www.friendsurance.de) took advantage of the hype surrounding the topic as an opportunity to create a fascinating infographic (see above; you can see a bigger version once you have clicked on the picture): “We just took CeBIT as an opportunity to put together an infographic on the shareconomy landscape, to give you a better overview of the companies and their services (see the links below). The whole thing is in the shape of an underground rail network – because in such times of shareconomy, who would still travel in their own car?”

Whilst on the subject, here’s a presentation as well, by Matthias Schrader (see below) with the title “What Drives the Sharing Economy?” Both of these together are a good placed to start in the colourful world of the sharing economy.