GetYourGuide (, a platform for booking tours, excursions and attractions has taken over Gidsy (, a marketplace for activities, events and courses. Gidsy, a Berlin-based start-up backed primarily by investors like Ashton Kutcher, Werner Vogels, Index Ventures and Sunstone Capital has been talked about before. What GetYourGuide paid for Gidsy remains unknown.

“For us, Gidsy is a fabulous addition,” CEO of GetYourGuide, Johannes Reck, told the Berliner Morgenpost. In the official press release, he also says: “We have been very impressed by the enormous success of the whole team and we are looking forward to integrating this company – which has had great success in the areas of design and social media – into GetYourGuide. As a result, our portal will be even more inspiring, and with even more to offer, can fulfil all the needs of our customers to provide them with an individual and unforgettable travel experience.”

Gidsy never felt like it was moving on

The Gidsy offering will be integrated with GetYourGuide and Gidsy itself will be shut down, whilst the Gidsy team are now part of GetYourGuide and are already working in the offices of the company. What sounds like a takeover, is all about bringing the Gidsy team in particular, on board. Design and social media were not, especially classed as strengths of GetYourGuide. The statements made by the co-founder of Gidsy, Edial Dekker, were in the same vein: “It’s amazing how complementary both teams are to one another, and we’re expecting great achievements and successes in the coming weeks and months.” At the same time he is very enthusiastic that “now the team are a part of GetYourGuide.” Gidsy never felt like it was moving on, and was last seen as apparently dead, a zombie start-up with no hint of a rescue in sight. They indulged the German target group – and it’s known that this should not have just consisted of middle hipsters – by not even having a German-language platform to begin with (that came much, much later). Only visually and in terms of external representation, could the Berlin start-up look convincing. The extremely stylish Gidsy design was also a problem, however, and did not translate into a slick online experience, meaning that even seasoned Internet users could barely explore the depths of the Gidsy event database. It was felt at Gidsy that there were only three offers that you could book.

The acquisition of Gidsy by GetYourGuide is the second takeover in the small sector of event marketplaces. In the last year, Regiondo swallowed up their competitors, Yasuu. “The idea to jointly develop the market has developed in the last few months. shows the fastest growth; the team is just super and the vision is true” said Oliver Nützel, founder and CEO of Yasuu at the time. It would seem that the sector is indeed exciting, but difficult to conquer. These feelings are also indicated by a statement made by Nikolaj Nyholm of Sunstone Ventures who told the Wall Street Journal: “It became clear during the past year that building the supply side of the marketplace was much more sales heavy than expected. GetYourGuide had the resources and better forward momentum to capitalize on this. ”

Edial Dekker about investors and Berlin